What benefits do our accessible health plans include?

Our health benefits

Our health plans are the ideal solution for you to look after your loved ones' health in the Philippines.

Icono de Unlimited telemedicine
Unlimited telemedicine
Consult with a filipino doctor in less than 20 seconds, from anywhere, any time.

Our physicians are available 24 hours a day with no need to book an appointment. They can be contacted via telephone or video call through our asistensi App and they will provide immediate assesment, as well as answers to any questions regarding the services we offer.

In addition, our physicians accompany our members, offering a personalized treatment which includes issuance of prescriptions, medications and any necessary laboratory test requests.

If required, they are also responsible for arranging at home primary care and ambulance services, as well as providing support throughout the admission process to affiliated clinics by activating coverage with Maxicare.
Icono de Unlimited in-clinic and at-home primary care consultations
Unlimited in-clinic and at-home primary care consultations
In cases where an on-site consultation is necessary, our physicians and paramedics make home visits to better determine the patien's needs, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. The medical team may even administer single doses of medications when needed.

Our In-clinic and at-home primary care service is available Monday to Sunday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Icono de Insurance coverage for hospitalization for medical emergencies caused by accidents and illnesses
Insurance coverage for hospitalization for medical emergencies caused by accidents and illnesses
In case of an emergency, asistensi physicians will activate the emergency healthcare coverage. The patient will be able to enter the network of hospitals and healthcare facilities affiliated with Maxicare in the Philippines and receive professional care. asistensi's plan includes medical expenses coverage up to PHP 300,000.00, per policy per year
Icono de Ambulance transfers
Ambulance transfers
If you have a medical emergency and need to be taken to one of our accredited centers, our doctors will coordinate your transfer in one of our ambulances equipped with advanced life support.
Icono de Laboratory tests
Laboratory tests
In order to provide you with the best diagnosis and medical treatment, our physicians will be able to request clinical exams in medical laboratories in the Philippines.

Our plans include 2, 4 and 6 laboratory tests a year, depending on the purchased plan, as long as they are prescribed by one of our doctors.
Icono de Medication pickup and delivery
Medication pickup and delivery
In order to help treat you against day-to-day ailments, common illneses and medical emergencies, our doctors will prescribe any necessary medication you need, and will coordinate with you to pick it up from the pharmacy closest to you or to have it delivered to your home. Medication for chronic diseases is not included.
Icono de COVID-19 Service

COVID-19 Service

We offer coverage for COVID-19 through different levels of specialized care:
  • Continuous remote medical assistance from the onset of the first symptom.
  • Coverage of COVID-19 RT-PCR or Antigen test, in case of hospitalization due to symptoms when there is suspicion of COVID-19, provided it is requested by our physicians.
Icono de You are also protected!

You are also protected!

If you take out asistensi's HMO plan for your family in the Philippines, you too can benefit from our digital health platform. Download our asistensi App to access free and unlimited online consults with our filipino physicians, no matter where you are.
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Additional benefits that you can subscribe to with your asistensi plan:

Icono de Access to the major hospitals
Access to the major hospitals
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • The Medical City, Ortigas
  • St Lukes Medical Center - QC
  • St Lukes Medical Center - BGC
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center
  • Cebu Doctors Hospital
  • Chong Hua Hospital
  • Davao Doctors Hospital
  • Makati Medical Center
Icono de Protect everyone's health

Protect everyone's health

Buy a plan for a loved one and get FREE unlimited 24/7 telemedicine.