More than 18 years dedicated to health care around the world

Who are we?

asistensi is an HMO with 100% digital DNA. Our goal is to offer quality medical coverage and access to healthcare to as many families as we can in the Philippines.
Are we a health insurance?

At asistensi, we are more than a traditional HMO company. We are revolutionizing the insurance industry, leading the digital transformation of healthcare and health remittance market with the best technological innovation.

We are the first emergency HMO and immediate assistance platform focused on supporting those who have emigrated to continue caring for their loved ones in their home countries.

As a pioneer in providing protection to Filipino migrants families, our goal is to harness the power of technology so that all people are covered for medical emergencies. We aim to bridge the gap by helping migrants care for their family members, giving them the peace of mind of knowing that they have quality medical care in their most difficult and vulnerable moments.

We offer health services designed to meet the real needs of migrants and their families, enabling them to acquire insurance policies from anywhere in the world.

A team with more than 18 years of experience

Committed to your family's health care

asistensi is a business group led by doctors and professionals specialized in health care services and health care plans. We have more than 17 years of experience in caring for the health of people in Latin America. During our trajectory, we have developed solid alliances in the region, in order to provide the best HMO for medical emergencies with immediate medical attention on the continent.
To achieve this, in the Philippines we have partnered with the best health service providers in the country: Maxicare, the country's leading insurer, and Maxicare, Home Health Care Inc, Lifeline 16-911, Argonix and Hi-Precision Diagnostics, whose primary and emergency care network is the most recognised in the Philippines.
chica con camisa con sus abuelos

That all individuals have access to emergency medical coverage using the power of technology.

chica con camisa con sus abuelos

Provide a platform for the modern day heroes - migrants to look after the health of their loved ones back home.